• Reinigung Ihrer Photovoltaikanlage

    Eine Reinigung Ihrer Photovoltaik und/oder Solaranlage bringt zahlreiche Vorteile mit sich. Daher ist eine professionelle, schonende und zugleich ökologische Grundreinigung sinnvoll um den Werterhalt Ihrer Investition zu sichern.

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  • Wartung von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

    Solaranlagen sind sehr wartungsarm und somit ist das Betreiben einer Solaranlage mit wenig Aufwand verbunden. Verschmutzte Module, lose Solarkabel und Stecker, sowie nicht richtig funktionierende Wechselrichter mindern allerdings die Erträge von PV-Anlagen.

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SUN-ENERGY plans and builds photovoltaic and thermal solar systems since 2005.

Our strengths are the individual planning of every system, the quick and professional setup as well as the usage of high-quality materials for our systems. Quality and service are a top priority for us.

SUN-ENERGY is your specialist on-site:

  • Photovoltaic systems with grid supply
  • Photovoltaic systems for isolated operation (weekend home, camping or backyard)
  • Thermal solar systems (for process water heating and for process water heating with additional heating support)
  • Small wind energy units for isolated operation and grid supply operation
  • Photovoltaic systems for those who don't own an adequate roof
  • Costum built systems according to your wishes

Of course we can deliver every desired product or system by any manufacturer to you.

SUN-ENERGY offers you an optimal service:

  • We give comprehensive counsel.
  • We individually plan and calculate your system.
  • We look for the adequate funding for you and help you with the application.
  • We create a complete offer for you and will list all additional costs in detail.
  • We deliver complete packages and self-assembly systems.
  • We assemble the system for you or procure qualified professionals for the assembly.
  • We can procure an insurance for your systems at a reasonable rate.
  • We support the development of shared photovoltaic systems.
  • Professional cleaning PV systems
  • Maintenance, service and monitoring